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Our TMG-F Services Proposition

TMG-F Core Assumptions are the following:

  • Many African organisations can benefit from the professional experiences of their Diaspora - there are 7 millions African Diaspora in Europe and a further 7 millions in North America
  •  African Diaspora have more than achieved the critical mass to help pool Western and African resources to acts as agents and foster capacity building, good governance and transparent business practices back in Africa
  • African Diaspora can choose to be part of the solution to Africa's challenges - and not de facto being part of the problem
  • Numerous African communities are disenfranchised, i.e. not having access to adequate healthcare and education, the means to generate livelihood and the right to respect, dignity and equality - particularly, the disadvantaged.

TMGF Service Offering - Assessment, Advice, Action 

  • Assessment - to fully understand the current status of the organisation from a from a total organisational standpoint - strategy, priorities, quality assurance, project management, processes, systems, etc
  • Advice - to leverage the substantial expertise of the Diaspora (within and beyond the TMG team) to identify priority actions typically covering value-adding capacity building, good governance and transparent business practices for the organisation
  • Action - selectively where possible, to take a hands-on part in implementation of the strategic priorities selected with other partner organisations and or Diaspora.

1 Assessment Consultancy

TMGF due diligence services assesses the potential partner organisations strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats:  

  • What the organisation is doing (or aims to do) and their track record to date;
  • How can and how long will it take for TMG-F to help - if at all TMG-F can. We do NOT pretend we can be of help to all organisations and we have to say "No" to many deserving organisations because we cannot help;
  • Who the key personnel driving the organisation are - and their experience or lack of.
  • Why TMG-F could or should get involved;
  • Where (as in what core identifiable priority areas) TMG-F and its partners can add value;
  • When (as in a clear project/programme priority plan) of what TMG-F (and its partners) can do when, how and with who

 The TMGF team can also provide guidance to such sustainable development.

Assessment Consultancy - Details

  • A typical assessment takes between 2 days on site in Cameroon/Africa where the consultant has access to staff, their service consumers, etc - or longer (as in weeks) if remote and based on requested documentation.
  • The main deliverable is a 5-10 page punchy documentation that covers the organisation what, how, who, why, where and when as described above.
  • The cost is dependent in the task at hand. So contact us on these pages please.
  • Short two or three day assessments may be done in areas where we already have exceptional operational experience and market understanding.

2 Consultancy Advice

TMGF can then advise the organisation (or board of directors/trustees) on, and in certain circumstances support, courses of action such as:  

  • continue or discontinue existing priorities;
  • make changes to management and execution of projects (which TMGF could support);
  • propose Diaspora support on some priorities (e.g. getting some Diaspora Groups to champion specific projects); and
  • propose funding development activities (which TMGF could support with its partners).

We have done this with several organisations including Bamenda University of Science & Technology (BUST) and Buea Diocese. You can contact us for details.


Advice - Details 

  • Constructing and documenting the strategic advice typically involves a further two to five days of work, though more detailed deliverables including a work plan would be more involved.
  • The main deliverable would be a relatively short document or presentation.

The cost for strategic advice is dependent on the task at hand. Fees for a more detailed service would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. Actions Implementation

TMGF can further support organisation by helping to implement agreed strategic priority options chosen for going forward including:

  • Taking up board level advisory roles
  • Providing hands on operational management in exceptional circumstances
  • Helping Project managing the business turnaround/transformation
  • Aiding the restructuring of the organisation
  • Assisting with corporate business plan activities, marketing, annual reports, etc
  • Assisting with additional fund raising via grants, funds, legacies, fund raising and appeals

4. Publishing Qualified Projects Needing Support

Drawing from Services 1, 2 and 3 (i.e. post assessment, advice and actions of an organisation), TMG-F can further support organisation by helping to publish their findings and recommendations to other interested stakeholder groups who may want to drive specific projects. A Table of current Qualified projects follows.

Read details of some past Case Studies here, e.g. reference Burnley and Nkohkwo (2006) - see publication pages on this site.

5. Knowledge Sharing, Training and Publication Services

With the experience of TMG-F and particularly those too of its partners organisation and other co-opted Diaspora, a core TMGF service is in encouraging knowledge sharing, networking and Diaspora community actions via: 

  • TMG Conferences, e.g. the TMG2006 African Diaspora Conference on Sustainable Development.
  • TMG Workshops and Tutorials, e.g. Link to TMG 2007
  • Publication Services - e.g. links to Archive Papers TMG proceedings, etc
  • List of Ongoing Projects such as those above. Please contact us for details on this site.