Please join us as a partner or as a sponsor.

We are so indebted in our partners and sponsors who we leverage to ensure 1 + 1 = 5 or more. This is the power of leverage.  We thank all our sponsors and partners.

In this vein, we thank the following heartily (please contact us to join our list of sponsors if you like what you have read on our pages):

TMG Foundation (TMG-F) Significant Sponsors

·         Mr Mark Pentelow, Managing Director, Pacific IFA Group,

·         Mr Harpal Singh Randhawa - Chairman and CEO, GEM Holdings Ltd

·         Enders Analysis Ltd, (Ms Claire Enders, Managing Director & Founder) who has sponsored one of charities in Akwaya, Mamfe, FASAF, for 3 years. FASAF rescues teenage girls and younger from early marriages and educates them to when they can make their own decisions.

·         Mr. Baba Soyoye, Helios Investment Partners,

·         ... and many other smaller sponsors


TMC Partners

TMG-Consultancy (TMG-C) Partners

·         Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Cameroon (TRB): TMG-C has partnered with the Cameroon regulator to provide courses across the world.

·         Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO): the London-based organisation has partnered with TMG-C to develop and deliver courses, and TMG-C Consultants have delivered courses on behalf of CTO.

·         Fancom Technologies: a key technology partner to TMG.